Newsletter + Updates!


My journey with j’aim has been rewarding & educational. It started by learning the ropes & launching the business in 2019, which seems so long ago. Assisting old & new friends with the perfect gift or the right look, meeting 100s of interesting people, & building new relationships in W. Concord and beyond. Finding special pieces along the way & selling fun things to you all. And I didn't anticipate having to adjust to a global pandemic or getting the chance to help a few friends launch their own retail shops along the way! It's been 4 fun yrs, a roller coaster at times, but one of the best experiences imaginable.

Now it’s time to change it up a little! In March, I'm taking a "pause" on my brick&mortar store. This gives me time to reimagine j’aim, improve its online component, and take it to the next stage. It will also free up time to renovate the Philips paint building (95 Comm Ave) across from my shop. We bought it a yr ago with the original intent of moving j'aim there. I still envision reopening some version of j’aim in the future after we renovate. Our vision is to make that beautiful landmark building even more of a centerpiece of a thriving W. Concord village.

During this pause I'll keep Instagram & my website updated with NEW items! I will continue to buy special things and post them online ( I’ll move inventory to the Philips building so you can pick up your purchases on certain weekdays and offer mail or local drop off service like I did during much of 2020.

We will be open 6 days a week Mon–Sat. All furniture going on sale! I’ll have lots of great items in the shop, with special discounts on some. It's not a "Going Out of Biz Sale" since I’m keeping my website open, but I want to make room for new inventory for the next stage of this journey. It’s always a great time to use those gift cards, so visit soon! And with j'aim online for a while, I want to increase my Instagram reach & email connections. So please visit, leave your email, and share this post broadly in your network.

Thanks for your the support and continued interest in what's next. I’m excited! See you soon!

Love, Jaimee